Mohammed Hijab disclosed as a muslim liar

Mohammed Hijab disclosed as a muslim liar

Mohammed Hijab and Islam Net consider the Norwegian resistance movement against the islamization of Norway as a threat to their evil project. Today Mr Hijab visited Norway and revealed his uncivilized conduct in public.

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As usual, Islam Net brought in a savage to discuss islam with us. They do this to propagate for their evil beliefs and evil intentions. (Evil according to western ethics – which is good according to islamic ethics).

This strategy might work fine among low IQ individuals with a religious prohibition against critical thinking. Normal human beings are able to look right through the invader’s “arguments”.

Instead of fact-based arguments and truthful citation of the theology, Mohammed Hijab offers intimidation, suppression techniques, ruling techniques, distractions and pure hardcore muslim-lies.

After a bystander accused Hijab of sharing Allah’s view on jews, Hijab claimed to love jews. This guy, who appears on videos hunting jews and hindus in UK, actually loves jews.

Hijab argued that his prophet married a jewish girl. Hijab forgot to mention that the marriage and rape of the young girl took place immediately after the prophet had killed her father and husband. This is Mohammed Hijab’s level of truthfulness.

To support the bystander I pointed out that Q5:64 actually commands the killing of all jews for committing fasàd. Death penalty is prescribed in Q5:32-33.

Encouraged by this chance to falsify the content of verse 5:32 the muslim-liar Hijab then started the usual taqiyya acrobatic rant to claim that 5:32 is a proof that islam is a nice and humane ideology.

Verse 5:32 clearly makes it legal to kill all jews (according to 5:64) and to kill any non-muslim who refuse to let the muslims invade, occupy and destroy his land. The fasàd committed simply by being a non-muslim justifies the killing of the Kafir.

The fact that I am right and Mohammad Hijabs knows it, is supported by the quran, which also gives several examples of mischief (fasàd). Q16:88 says rejecting Allah is spreading mischief. Unbelief causes mischief according to Q8:73 and Q38:28. See also Q6:151 (do not kill unless Allahs says it’s ok), Q4:29 (do not kill each other i.e. other muslims – killing Kafirs is ok). Q4:93 killing muslims is prohibited, i.e killing Kafirs is ok).

According to the quran, rejecting Allah is cause enough to punish and kill non-Muslims.

Based on quran and sunna, sharia confirms my claim. Reliance of the Traveller o.1.2.2a: “ The following are not subject to retaliation: a Muslim for killing a non-Muslim”.

Reliance of the Traveller p.2 also proves that Mr Hijab is a liar: Chapter P2.0: Killing a Human Being. P2.1 Allah Most High says: -1- "Whoever intentionally kills a believer, his recompense shall be hell, abiding therein forever, and Allah shall be wroth with him, damn him, and ready for him a painful torment" (Koran 4: 93). -2- "Whoever takes a life other than to retaliate for a killing or for corruption in the land is as if he had slain all mankind" (Koran 5: 32). P2.2 The Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) said: "When two Muslims meet with drawn swords, both the slayer and the slain go to hell." Someone said, "O Messenger of Allah, that is for the slayer. But why the slain?" And he replied, "Because he meant to kill the other."

The fact that Q5:32-33 legalize killing of all non-muslims, is also confirmed by Tafsir Ibn Kathir, Tafsir Ibn Abbas, prophet Mo (Sahih Bukhari 1:8:387) and consensus among the scholars.

If you dissent islam or oppose its political doctrines, you are causing sedition and spreading mischief. You are committing fasàd, waging war against islam. Your “war” does not have to be violent. The good muslims will still kill you, even if you only oppose islam with words. Your mere disagreement with islam is the same as waging war against it. If you criticize islam or preach a faith other than islam to muslims you are causing sedition. All these are mischief, and it is the individual obligation of all muslims to stop you from criticizing islam. This is one of the reasons why muslims are extremely violent compared to civilized human beings.

Theological facts confirms that Mohammed Hijab is a pathetic muslim liar. As we all know, everything islam touches, turns to shit. More than 50 states occupied by the arab invaders proves this to be a fact. Both Mohammed Hijab and Islam Net leader Fahad Qureshi are Pakistanis, trying to transform their host nations into shitholes like Pakistan. That is impossible to achieve, if they are honest about their political goals and honest in discussion about the quran and the prophet. That is why both these good muslims have to lie and distort. You cannot sell crap if you are honest about the product. Islam is a product no sane human being would purchase if he had a free choice.