Muslim cleric incites quran burning

Joyful Norwegians takes on the challenge

Muslim cleric incites quran burning

After SIAN burned the quran on nov 16. 2019 in the city Kristiansand, we received unexpected support from the local caliph in spe.

Akmal Ali, leader of the Muslim Union in Agder county, urges people to burn the quran in their own back yard – if they find joy in this.  

Akmal Ali was present during a TV debate on the Norwegian broadcasting corporation NRK. (VPN required outside Norway). Here police, politicians, jurists and islamic leaders discussed SIAN and the torched quran. As usual, SIAN was not allowed to participate and explain their actions and political views regarding the islam problem.

At the end of the debate,  the muslim leader condemned the public torching of the quran performed by members of Stop islamisation of Norway (SIAN).

However, Akmal Ali surprised us (and probably also his followers), by urging people to burn the quran in their back yards, if they find joy in doing so.

Some Norwegians have taken an effort to build a bridge between civilisation and islam, to improve the failed integration.

These efforts may be seen on [bitchute] or [youtube].

If it is no big deal burning qurans, why were Ali’s fellow muslims going postal over the incident at the main square in Kristiansand? Why did the national police chief violate the constitution in an effort to prevent the desecration?    

Sharia law has some interesting views on the topic that does not match the claim from Akmal Ali. Quote from Reliance of the Traveller e8.3 ;

«When one fears that a Koran may burn, get soaked, that a non-Muslim may touch it, or that it may come into contact with some filth, then one must pick it up if there is no safe place for it, even if one is in a state of minor or major ritual impurity, though performing the dry ablution (tayammum, def: e12) is obligatory if possible».

Ayatollah Khomeini makers it clear in «The Little Green Book» that «One must avoid giving the Qur'an to an infidel; it is even recommended that it be forcibly taken away from him if he already has it in his hands».

Akmal Ali is a pakistani. He might reconsider his holiday plans for the next decades, as he have violated the Pakistan Penal Code §295. The point here is not the risk of public prosecution for a crime committed in a foreign country.  But «justice» in Ali’s backwards shithole country is usually enforced by the street mob. He might end up hanging from a light pole, along with Ahmadiyyas, Christians and other «filthy» subhumans. That would be a shame.